Every. Single. Morning.

The layers are near the cattle in a weedy, overgrown pasture complete with brush, fallen limbs and dead trees. Every morning I walk out to let the birds out of their house. Every morning I see this and think, “Oh No! Is that a dead cow? How did it get there? What could have happened?”

DeadSomethingThen I remember. It’s just an old log.

DeadTreeEvery morning. Every. Stinking. Morning. I should probably have a cup of coffee before I do my chores. And I should burn that old log.

6 thoughts on “Every. Single. Morning.

  1. LOL, I have one of those too, and you’re right that’s the first thing that pops into your head. We also have a gob of old yellowed greenhouse plastic that looks like our sheep. Kind of low on the priority list to move those things right now 😦

  2. Yup, I have a similar illusion – a bush down the bottom field has a bush sticking out that I keep thinking is a cougar. Just about every morning. I guess I could prune the bush. But it gives a good adrenalin rush, almost as good as caffeine (not quite though).

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