The White Calf and the Pasture

I think the white calf is OK. She’s not as runny today as she was yesterday. Still a mess though. She is kind of a downer calf anyway and is always lagging behind the group or squeezing under the fence. I don’t hold out much hope for her genetic future but we’ll see.

WhiteCalfThe wide jersey pointing her rear our way was runny last week. I have to wonder if I’m not pushing them too hard…trying to stretch pasture too far. Maybe some of the cows are getting insufficient nutrition. Or just an imbalanced diet. Julie and I put out a bale of alfalfa and a bale of grass hay this morning. 7 of the cows got to work on the grass while the other three started on the alfalfa. The white calf ate grass hay from one pile, then ate grass hay from another then ate a little alfalfa. We try to let them medicate themselves. I just have to make what they need available to them. The next section of the field we will strip graze has a good mix of grasses and legumes. Should be better for the moos.


I took the day off Thursday to do some hunting and catch up on some chores. I haven’t been hunting yet. Oh well. I’m a lousy hunter anyway. I am also trying to teach my right hand man to back up a trailer. We’ll need a few more sessions. Power steering would help.

BackinUpOtherwise, cold day. The heavy snows went south…for now. Good day to do some housework!

8 thoughts on “The White Calf and the Pasture

  1. Backing up a trailer, there’s a lesson I could use myself. It’s been decades since I’ve towed anything, and I have plans…
    Yup, cold here too – it’s all relative right? We got down to about -8C, with a dusting of snow on the frozen ground.
    Glad the white calf is picking up.

    • Just a dusting of snow here. Should get to -14C tonight. Quite the change from 19C a few days ago.

      Backing up a trailer is just something I had to figure out when I was 17. But dad’s 3010 had power steering and things were a bit easier. At this point, it’s not something I always do correctly on the first try but it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. There are just things I do mechanically. I realized this as I was putting the tractor away…I make rapid and near-constant small adjustments to the left and to the right as I back up.

  2. I was going to ask about the snow. We’re in it pretty thick. Kids put there breakfast bowls down and wanted to get out the door first thing. Nice flexible homeschool. But even the industrial schooled kids have the day off here.

    Maybe your kids are sorry they won’t get to do decapitation hill or dismemberment hill…

  3. Backing up lessons…important. I learned to back up the mower and our lawn wagon. Constant need to move mulch and garden debris. Have never backed up anything larger. Good for your right hand man! He is growing up in many wonderful ways. I know the work is hard (especially in these dark days of winter), but it is worth it. I brag on your progeny all the time. Keep up the good work.

    We have 8″ of snow and counting. It’s supposed to let up in three or four hours. Indoors is a good place to be, but my family keeps going out. Russell walked uptown in tennies, shorts and his winter coat. Even took his bike out for a short spin. Just so he could say he did, I think. LOL! He’s planning to make 4800 miles for the year. Enjoy your day off.

  4. I earned my Junior Trailer Driving badge this past summer. Backing is tricky, but practice makes… better backing, not perfect. 🙂 I do like you: slight steering changes (I call it wiggle-waggle) as I back up, which helps me see the effect and make corrections before I get the trailer completely off-track. He’s in good company: we all have to work at it.

    We are soggy here. Would rather have snow or frozen ground, truth be told.

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