…and Then There Were 60

Why so many posts about the budget recently?  Because yesterday was the day.  We bought another 40 acres to complete the property purchase.  I literally bought the farm.  I have to tell you, it’s weighing on me.  It isn’t enough to simply pay the note on the loan, we have to build several businesses AND keep a job in town AND raise children AND remain somewhat socially involved all at the same time.  The first goal is to get to 30 cows.  30 cows and we’ll raise their calves, always keeping the best heifers.  60 acres.  That way we can de-stock the farm if the weather turns sour without impacting our core breeding herd.  Then, someday, we’ll rent more ground and increase the core breeding herd.  First things first.

30 cows.  I have 10 now.  I need 20 more.  This year we should have 4 heifer calves.  16 more $900 heifers.  $14,400.  Where is that going to come from?

And we need more eggs.  Many, many more eggs.  Customers are demanding more eggs.  More chickens.  More fencing.  More money.

And we need to raise more pigs.  Maybe start farrowing.  That will require additional infrastructure.

And the current farm infrastructure needs a LOT of repair.

I’m going to stop talking now.  How about a tour of the new land instead?  Let’s just see what’s out there with a little commentary.

9 thoughts on “…and Then There Were 60

    • Thanks Genny. We seem to see a number of people in our generation who are either unwilling to embrace or unwilling to recognize their dreams. They just coast along. I think I would be very unhappy if I was not following this path.

  1. Congratulations! This is that place at the top of the first climb of the roller coaster, where it pauses before swooping onwards over the rest of the track. Too late to get off now, so just enjoy the ride! Seriously, you have so much in place – the starter herd, the skills, the kids are big enough to be extra manpower when needed, you’re young and have energy. So you’re a little short on time – you’ll figure it out…it’s gonna be a blast.

    • You know what? It’s Sunday. Let’s get preachy up in here. Like in the parable of the talents, we were trusted with a little. Now we’re being trusted with more. As we were re-reading The Dreamgiver by Bruce Wilkinson for a class we’re teaching soon, I reflected on another Wilkinson book, The Prayer of Jabez.

      Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from the evil one.” And God granted his request.
      1 Chronicles 9-10

      How much more concise could it be? What do we know about Jabez? Not much but based on what we know about God, Jabez was more than simply lucky. Jabez was sincere in his passion for the Lord. Last night our pastor pointed out that Lot was blessed because he was close to Abraham…and when he went a different direction the blessings stopped. I take that to mean I need to surround myself with people like Abraham and Jabez.

      You would be shocked – SHOCKED! – if you knew how big our dreams are. But I feel these are dreams that have been implanted in me…goals I was created to accomplish, even if I’m getting a late start. The challenge is enormous and the glory will not be mine. I just hope our kids love us as they grow and follow our ways. Otherwise, in many ways, though it is a dream, it’s a lot like work…and I need some big blessings to accomplish the work.

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