Tired of Picking Beans

Our oldest daughter stuck with the bean picking for an hour Tuesday morning.  Then she screamed, “I’m Done!” and ran into the house crying.  This is not what we want out of our children.

Did we push her too hard?  Was she simply having a bad day? Probably a little of both with a dash of older brother tossed in.

It’s the hottest weather we have had all year, we have pigs again, broiler chicks, pullets we hatched out, young rabbits, stupid ducks, layers, cows and a 40′ row of beans.  Not to mention the tomatoes we are simply ignoring.  The workload is taking its toll on everyone.  That’s why we only plant beans every few years.

Anybody else risking your children’s sanity or skirting divorce by canning beans this year?

7 thoughts on “Tired of Picking Beans

  1. Beans are a major food for us, and yes it is the time of year we are tired of picking them. We plant them at three different times to get three crops. Each time we will eat many meals with beans, but my wonderful wife will can multiple times with each crop.

    With only one child home full time, one stays here a few days a week when not working at a national park, they don’t help with the beans other than eat them. My back is thankful for the end of the season.

    PS Thanks for the reminder of a great movie.

    • I would like to see your garden. 3 plantings of beans? We just let ours keep producing till frost does them in. Right now they are looking pretty ragged but a little rain and they’ll straighten up again.

      I really prefer crops you harvest once. Don’t get me started on tomatoes!

      • We “sharecrop” in the backyard of a neighborhood friend. We plant in one of the beds we have then plant in another bed 2-3 weeks later, and repeat. Three and sometimes 4 plantings provide beans all summer and into the fall. We plant Provider beans.

        Our problem is mites. Once we start picking from one bed, the mites start attacking. We’ll pick and pick until the mites take over then we pull out the plants. By then the next bed is ready for picking. This year the mites have been less of a problem that other years, but they are there.

        • Wow. Well, you have given me homework. We don’t have a mite problem…not that I can tell. But we garden differently than most. Is the rich, living, high-organic matter soil making the plants healthy enough that mites are not a problem? Do I have enough soil moisture out there that my plants aren’t stressed? I dunno. I’ll have to go look around.

          • You could be onto something. The Central Valley is basically a desert and this is the driest year in the last 100. We have been composting and trying to help the soil for 4 years and maybe we are starting to turn a corner, we hope.

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