What’s This Stuff For?

“What’s this stuff for?” my kids asked me.

RopeAndClamp“Well, Freezer was not a vigorous young calf.  We don’t want to allow him to become a bull.  So, today we’re going to make him a steer.”

I held the rope.  Julie held the tail up.  Steve used the clamp.  The kids got their answer.

Freezer went back to the pasture to be near mom.  Really not a big deal.

FreezerFreezer should turn a lighter color again soon.


2 thoughts on “What’s This Stuff For?

    • To be honest I would rather have cut him but I don’t like to cut when there are flies flying and I just needed to get it done. Steve offered to help and brought the clamp so we just went with it. It took all of 30 seconds and there was no mess.

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