4 Inches in 45 Minutes

4″ in less than an hour.  That’s a lot of rain.  The storm was not intense, it just rained a lot in a short amount of time.  The basement filled with water but that’s another story.


The stream was up 5′ above where it is now, which was about another 5′ in elevation from where the cows were pastured.  Looks like the whole bottom was a stream briefly.

Flood2All of our wide collection of driftwood was moved.  The barrier fences on both ends of the branch will need to be cleaned out and maintained.  But the good news is we’re covered in grass.  While the neighbor lost a lot of soil from cow paths and bare dirt, I suspect we trapped soil.  I especially like the protein tub pushed against the fence in the first picture.

Looks like the pasture wasn’t hurt, just the fences.  We’ll deal with what comes our way.

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