Dreaming of June

Look at the Blueberry plants!  Oh!  One more year and we can stop pinching the blossoms and start eating them fresh!  Can’t wait!

BlueberriesAnd it looks like the strawberries are really going to make this year.  We’ll have jam, we’ll freeze some, we’ll eat mountains of them fresh with spinach!  I mean, here it is, pretend June 1st and we’ve already eaten so many of them…


And the green beans!  We’ll be busy canning all July to handle the crop that’s out there.  Bush-type beans planted 8″ apart in a grid as demonstrated by Jeavons really do well.  It helps that this row received 6″ of compost and another 4″ of mulch in the last year.


The potatoes are really coming on.  We’ve already hilled them twice and have high hopes that the drought will hold off this year.  Last year the drought started around June 15th and the potato plants withered quickly.  In fact, I started digging potatoes before July 1.  This year I don’t want to dig the main crop until at least August 1.  Just soon enough to plant our fall crop of broccoli in the same row but late enough that a fair portion of the potatoes will keep.


The rhubarb is doing well but the plants are a bit crowded.  I need to move them to a new home.  I really don’t know where to put them.  The rest of the row is just odd plantings.  Some onions, some lettuce (it’s about to bolt), some marigolds.  I may put in a little buckwheat in this row.


But this year is THE year for tomatoes!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  We put down layer after layer of chicken manure, horse manure and 10″ of well-composted wood mulch last year and this year I have the best crop of tomatoes ever.  The peppers were looking a little leggy early on but they are bearing now.  The jalapenos are long and flavorful.  Takes 2 pieces of bacon to wrap one popper.  If you look carefully, you can see we planted oregano between plantings of tomato and pepper.  That kind of planting brings in a lot of wild pollinators.

Tomatoes and peppers

Well.  One day winter will pass.  One day I’ll be out working in the garden thinking, “what was so bad about winter?”  But today, looking out at a foot of snow and more falling from the sky, I’m wondering if it will ever end.  You can see a brooder in the potato picture above.  That brooder has 140 chicks in it.  I say chicks but they are nearly a month old.  They should be on pasture.  I may have to sacrifice two rows of the garden to make a pretend pasture for them…feeding them hay daily.

It is nice to have an excuse to sit down for a few days though.  You can assume I’m working when I disappear from the blog for a few days.  I have been working a lot lately.  Let me know if the snow gave you a chance to do some dreaming.

5 thoughts on “Dreaming of June

  1. I’m sorry, but your post really did make me laugh out loud!

    And I won’t dare mention that we’re looking at 70 degree weather over here, in the next few days… Nope, won’t mention it. I’ll pretend that I have snow too. 🙂

  2. I thought for sure that this post was going to be about processing chickens…hope you all (including the chicks) are staying warm. I’m recovering from a looonnng night of shoveling snow at the full time job. It means OT but one tired mama.

    • We’re warm. It never got cold, just snowy. It was a wet, heavy snow. Great for snowballs, snow men and sledding. But it came down with a 30 mph wind that was just brutal. The layers are on pasture so we set up some extra wind protection for them. That worked out well but the fences are all buried and shorting out. Hopefully the snow melts before the hungry predators find their way into our flock or the pigs figure out how easily they can escape.

  3. What a busy time you’ve had! A couple of years ago, we had a mama and four baby raccoons in the basement. ::sigh:: What a mess! But we did have fun with two of the babies that she refused to come back for, once we made it clear she had to clear out. Fed them for two weeks, then took them to a wildlife shelter. Sorry, but we just can’t do the gun thing.

    Cheer up, spring is here! Loads of daffodils in our yard and the apricot trees are blooming. If it’s not spring at your house yet, it’s only a day or two away.

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