April Showers Bring May Showers

After last summer, I never thought I would wish it would stop raining.  We got a foot of rain in April.  We are off to a good start toward another foot 3 days into May.  It’s unbelievable.  An inch of rain by day.  Another inch by night.  The good news is we’re grass farmers.  Our crop is already in.  In fact we have harvested a second crop from most of the farm!  Chew on that!


We had been grazing the cows across the bottom on both sides of the creek.  They would need snorkels to graze down there now.  Fortunately we had some high ground well rested.  In fact, it’s perfect.  Lots of diversity.


And this is where we had pigs last October!  Pig manure is great!  It also helps to have pasture in reserve just in case.  This has been resting since we last grazed through in January.  Just think of the root systems!  Think of the grass those cows will trample into the soil!  Think of the water I’m holding now and how much more I’ll hold in the future!  And those girls will get fat!


The creek attempted to claim our fencing but we got it untangled, recovered our posts and moved everything up hill.  I had to cross the creek on a fallen walnut tree but we got the job done.  The creek in the picture is down two feet from where it was last night.  The current flood emphasized the need for me to keep fallen branches cleaned up down there as they tangled up our fencing and clogged up the gate that keeps the cows in where the creek hits our property line.  I say creek but it’s not a creek.  It’s the branch.  I know.  City kid.


Regular readers know that farming is only one of many things we do.  We are so busy working and playing, it’s hard to find time to write.  Bear with us.


My lovely bride took this picture at the peak of the flood yesterday.  Can you see the mouse?