Fly Predators

Every year our white house is covered in black flies.  The kids take fly swatters out and make a sport of killing 10 or 12 in one swat.  Not this year.


This year I got on the Spalding Labs site to buy fly predators.  When they arrived, we waited for them to start hatching then released them in groups in each of the recent grazing areas.  The idea is that they will attack flies in the pupae stage, flying up to 150 feet to find more.  Every 30 days through September the company will send more fly predators so every 30 days we’ll go behind the cows, dropping more predators on manure pats.


Fly populations are already getting strong but I hope we’re far enough ahead of the curve to have a fighting chance.  I suspect we’ll have to start earlier in the spring next year.  This year we’ll just run with what we’ve got.