Digging Potatoes

We planted potatoes a long time ago.  Well, it seems like a long time ago.

It’s time to dig them out.  I dug potatoes in the morning before work.

Then dad and I dug potatoes in the evening after it cooled off a bit.

These were the short rows of potatoes.  I would estimate I planted 25-30 pounds of seed potatoes in this garden and harvested 200 pounds.  Many of the potatoes came up when we pulled the plant out.  Very few were down in the soil.  The majority of the potatoes were just laying in the hills and it was all hand digging.  Who knows how many I missed.

I let the potatoes dry off a bit before bagging them up in burlap sacks my sister brought by.

We found a tomato hornworm grub and a garter snake as we worked down the evening row.  I have an awful lot of organic material on the rows I’ll need to find a home for.  Not sure what to plant in these beds for the fall garden but we’ll figure it out.

Everything is dry, dry, dry.  Hopefully we’ll get some rain next weekend and I can plant again.  Let me know how your garden is doing.