Patience and Kindness

These aren’t my kids.  These aren’t my cows.  This isn’t my farm.  I don’t even know these people…but I would like to meet them.  This isn’t an average dairy.  Nothing about these videos is typical…but it should be.

These kids do a great job of walking you through their tiny dairy and their herd, though they filmed these in shake-o-vision…lol.

Patience and Kindness.

We found these videos when we were reviewing milkers.  We’re going to milk two goats and a cow this year, four goats and two cows next year.  That’s a lot of work for my poor wife’s hands so we’re going to upgrade.  They use two of the milkers we were looking at.

Embedding is turned off for part 1 so you’ll have to follow the link.

Here’s part 2.  Look out for the cow rear and also notice the milker that is like those used 90 years ago.  Nothing like a lasting quality product.

There are lots of things I would do differently but we learned a lot watching their videos.  Again, I don’t know who these people are but I’m going to try to meet them.  Shoot, they only live 12 hours away.  They haven’t just taught their kids to work, they have taught their kids working is fun and that the animals are to be respected and loved.  They are inspiring greatness in their children.  Well done.

Patience and Kindness.