Green Stuff?

We ordered some pullets from Cackle Hatchery this week.  I’m always reluctant to order chicks mid-summer but I saw the forecast was for temps in the lower 90’s, called the hatchery and took a chance.  Because I was late ordering, my normal hatchery could only send 25 so I ordered another 40 from Cackle (all they had).  The Cackle chicks got here first.  The Cackle chicks came with a blob of green stuff.  I have seen the remains of the green blob before but I’ve never actually found a green blob.

It’s food, hydration and protiotic all in one.  I believe the commercial name is Grogel.

Online reviews of Grogel are strongly positive and the birds look great.  I’m afraid to look under the covers to see what it is and how it’s made.  The birds look great.