Good Morning Piggies

A lot of my readers are looking for more information on my pig trough.  Either that or they just want to see more of the pigs.  Either way, today is your day.

I took slab oak from my sawmill.  Slab lumber is waste wood.  It either has bark on it, marks from the chainsaw or it’s an uneven thickness.  Whatever the reason, it’s more useful as firewood than for furniture.  I cut it down to a 1×6 then cut it into 3.5′ long sections and screwed those together in an L shape.  I had 8-10″ long boards left over and I screwed those to the ends of the trough to act as legs.  These are rough measurements but it really couldn’t be more simple.

Now that the pigs are getting some size to them they don’t all fit around the trough.  We give them a rubber pan too.  The rubber pan is better than a metal pan because pigs play with their feeders and inevitably push them against the fence.  I don’t want them to associate the feed pan with pain when they push it against the electric fence.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Breakfast at Piggany’s.  I especially liked the pig trying to figure out the mystery of the feed bucket.  Please notice the pigs aren’t tackling me to get to the feed trough.  Feeding your pigs is more art than science.  I want them to grow, I want them to get enough but I don’t want them to waste the feed.  They eat more on cool mornings than on hot afternoons so we try to account for that in our routine too.  I recently increased their ration because they had been eating it all and I like for them to have a little snack between feedings.  I try to feed them a little more than they can finish in one sitting.  The rubber pan still had feed in it from last night so I guess I went overboard yesterday.  On the other hand, they weren’t tackling me to get to the feed either.