Stuffed Rabbit (Updated)

We harvested rabbit this week, setting aside a couple for ourselves.  Rabbit + bacon is always a good thing but when we saw this video we knew we had to try it.  Now, he uses pancetta but we’re working with what we’ve got.  I can’t just go butcher a pig so I can make some pancetta can I?  Well…

He shows how to debone it here:

So we put those videos to work and lunch is in the oven.  I’ll let you know how it tastes…if I can make myself waddle over to the keyboard.


Oh, and we have rabbits for sale while they last.

UPDATE: (Later in the day…)

On the seventh day we rested, ate rabbit and it was good.

We initially cooked it on a cookie sheet then, later, broiled it on a broiling pan.  That’s the way to go if you want to avoid soggy bacon.


The oldest boy went back for thirds.