Business or Chore List?

I have nearly 3 hours in a car every week day. 3 hours. Sometimes I use that time to just think. Sometimes I need to decompress on my way home from a stressful day. Sometimes I sleep while my carpool buddy drives. A fair portion of the time I listen to podcasts.

I have mentioned the Agricultural Insights podcast previously. The host does a great job of finding informative and interesting guests and this week was no exception. Give a listen to “Ranch Management and Ranching For Profit with Dave Pratt.” Rather than steal Chris’ thunder and give it all away (like I probably did last time) I’ll share one idea that impacted me positively…giving me something to think about in the quiet times of the drive.

Do I have a business or do I have a collection of assets and a chore list?

At this time, probably just a collection and a list. How do I change that? I’ll let you know as I figure it out over the next few decades.

If you are interested in putting your hands in dirt I highly recommend listening to the podcast above and reading up on additional resources Dave Pratt makes available on his site. After listening, if you liked what you heard, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast via RSS or iTunes. Just having more subscribers, even free ones, helps Chris deliver a quality product and makes it available for free for the first two weeks after the release date. You might also consider a paid subscription, something I am weighing myself.

I have never met nor have I any affiliation with Chris Stolzer. I’m just making a recommendation for something I like.