With a Little Help

I stopped writing about a month ago for several reasons. The main reason is simple: We are busy. But there is more than just that. Some of it was just the way I felt. The way I feel.

I have written a series of weepy-feely posts and worry that I have been a little too open. Some of that was us dealing with anxiety and a feeling of loss.

I don’t know. But mostly it’s an issue of time.

Yesterday I spent nearly 5 hours shoveling manure. It was a lot of manure. A lot. Why did I spend 5 hours shoveling manure? For the same reason I haven’t blogged in over a month. I haven’t had time to do it.

Two years ago I began remodeling the bathroom for Julie. Merry Christmas 2013! A bathtub. A real bathtub. The kind you can take a bath in. A bath! When grandma built the addition and they installed a bathroom in the house, grandma just put in a shower basin. The kind you can’t take a bath in. Julie wanted to take a bath. So she got a bath tub. But that was 2013. It is now 2015. The bathtub is great, yes, but the rest of the bathroom…well, less so. Needs to be updated. To be brought out of 1967 and into the world of today. Goodbye wood paneling, hello drywall. Goodbye weird ’60’s copper hanging lamp thing, hello recessed LED lights.

But there is no time.

So the bathroom project sat. And waited. And life happened all around us.

I couldn’t get it done. So I asked for help.

We found a guy to finish the remodeling job. And thank God! I come home from work every day and the bathroom is a little closer to being finished.

I wasn’t shoveling manure yesterday all alone. My kids were there. My dad was there. The work was hard and took a lot of time but, with a little help, we got through it all.


And that’s where we are with our little Friendy. We get a lot of help. Help comes out of the woodwork. It’s amazing. From people we know and love to people we have just met. Sometimes is it hard to say “Yes”. Humbling.

And in that same sense of humility we seek out chances to lend a helping hand wherever we are. Right now I have little to offer but maybe I can make a difference to another parent in the hospital just by listening. Or by saying “Hello”.

I don’t know.

But I know this. Moses couldn’t hold his arms up without help. The widow needed friendly neighbors from whom she could borrow jars. Simon carried the cross for Jesus.

We participate in the mundane part of any miracle. The mundane part for us is chemotherapy…something of a miracle in and of itself. But it’s just us borrowing jars to fill with oil. Once we have the jars, God brings the awesome.

The short list of things I am thankful for – things I consider miraculous – certainly include that we caught the tumor before it spread, that my little girl is doing so well and that we have some of the best doctors in the world available to us within an hour of home. But there is more.

I am thankful that so many people have loaned us their jars, held our arms up and helped us carry our burden.

8 thoughts on “With a Little Help

  1. I was humbled by your post ! I can’t imagine the hardships and frustration that you and your family has gone through. But, your love for the Lord and testimony provided encouragement to those the struggle and feel as if they have no hope. Your hope in the Lord shines greatly ! Through Christ all things are possible and I am praying for that to be with your family and Wendy’s healing. 🙏🙏
    Lisa Duckworth.

  2. You are still in my heart and my prayers. As tough as my life is, I still see blessings that keep me going. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. You guys are all always in my thoughts and prayers, you have a special family and a very special fighting little girl. Wish there was more I could do for you but I will pray. Love you all. Merry Christmas.
    Beth Brodhacker

  4. The saying that “When God closes a door he opens a window” is actually a misquote though he does talk of “opening a door of opportunity”. Seems that with your daughter’s recent illness a door of opportunity opened to let you see how good people can be and their desire to help.

    This is a good read about this – the things we think of as failures and problems can often end up being blessings in disguise. http://www.sermoncentral.com/sermons/when-god-shuts-one-door-he-opens-another-david-dykes-sermon-on-apologetics-general-96262.asp?Page=1

    I survived a major illness some time ago and it has been interesting and yes emotional too, to read your posts from a parent’s point of view. I had that same humbling door of opportunity opened for me to experience help too and many other doors of opportunity opened too like learning about natural health for self and farm which is how I first heard about Joel, which eventually lead me to your blog, so keep your eyes open for doors of opportunity. I am glad your daughter is home now! 🙂

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