August Farm Photos

Hello everyone! This is Julie. I love to take pictures and I am going to start sharing some of them here on Chris’ blog. I hope you enjoy! You can also follow me on Instagram.0726150755~2~2




Chris taking over…You know I can’t let a post go up with so few words. Comments in order of pictures:

  1. Somebody photoshop me into the Abbey Road cover. And remind me to stand up straight.
  2. Reserve your turkey now. Now.
  3. How did he turn 11? What happened?
  4. Swallows have about a week left before they go away for the winter. Dragonflies are coming through now. Hawks will start soon. Less than a month until we light the wood stove. That picture is a reminder of how little time we have.

3 thoughts on “August Farm Photos

  1. Beautiful shots, Julie! I can’t pick a favourite, though I love the composition of the first one, and the sky of the last one, and the grin of the third one, and the focus in the second one 🙂

  2. Well if this is the Abbey Road cover– untuck those bell-bottoms from your gum boots too cuz this is a Classic! It looks like you are doing “Something” out in the “Octopus’s Garden” you “Carry the Weight” of your e-fence and are using your “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” to drive the posts to keep the cows in. “Because” you do not want “Oh! Darling”, “Her Majesty” Mrs White doing a “She Came In Through the Bathroom Window” cuz you are “Mean Mr Mustard” all worried about her messing up your Humanure biffy (lol). You’re all “You Never Give Me Your Money” so you want to collect every bit of her black gold manure in a “Polythene Pam” bag. Oh look Mr “Sun King” – “Here Comes the Sun” and I know you are all “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” (but you don’t say that to Mrs White’s face), to “Come Together” with the Herd for the night and their “Golden Slumbers”. I think I got all the tracks listed so “The End”! Course I might be misinterpreting the whole situation lol! Great to see what is happening around your farm – hope you are having a good summer!

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