The Spider

Child #3 (age 10) was getting ready for church recently and I heard him make an alarming noise. Not quite a scream. Not a yell. Obviously somewhat distressed.

Something bit his foot when he put his shoe on. Something the size of the baseball.


I should clarify, it didn’t bite him. He felt a pinching sensation on his toe through his sock but there were no puncture wounds.

This is a big but fairly harmless and secretive grass spider. It builds a funnel trap. Guess the shoe was a natural funnel. Dunno. But it was good times for a few minutes there.

Try not to think about this as you put your shoes on tomorrow. lol

6 thoughts on “The Spider

  1. Gee….thanks. I already have a hard enough time sticking my feet in my big black boots! This might call for hosing them out every time before wearing them. 😉 I’m glad your kiddo was okay!!!

  2. The size of a baseball? That is a BIG spider. I would have done more than make a distressed sound. Glad it was “relatively” harmless. I once stuck my foot in my boot (on the porch) and a mouse jumped out – probably got there when the cat brought it home during the night – but I definitely uttered a somewhat distressed sound that morning.

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