It’s a Long Walk

My oldest and I attended the Southern Indiana Grazing Conference a few years back. First, I want to express how valuable that conference was to me personally. Every speaker gave me pages of notes I still act on. Gabe Brown was one of those speakers. Just as a side note, Gabe mentioned that cows have legs and a little walk does them good. He grazes through the winter but if the cows want a drink they have to walk back to the barn.



If nothing else, it helps their digestion. Might work for you too. Maybe you should go for a walk. The netting you see in the picture above is for the chickens. That’s not the cow fence.

My cows don’t have to walk too far. Just through a couple of small valleys and they only seem to make the trip once/day. They mostly just drink from a stream that is somehow still running when it’s below freezing out there.

They were just hanging out today. Mrs. White is a noisy cud chewer. (Mrs. White has red on her face. Look, man. I don’t name them. The white one is Snowball or 13.)

I want to make a note about the heifer dust. It’s looking a little…erm…firm. I’ll have to keep an eye on that and may need to up the protein somehow.

The title of this post was inspired by David Allan Coe. It’s a long walk to Nashville. Just FYI.

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