Every Christmas Eve…my Sister

We finished up chores early after staying up late last night wrapping presents and watching old episodes of Dr. Who. Usually Julie and I watch Better Off Dead as we wrap presents but this year Dr. Who sounded better. Every year we get the kids wool socks, a box of cereal (we only buy cereal at Christmas) and a book. Don’t tell them until tomorrow afternoon though.

However, my sister and I have a little tradition on Christmas Eve. The aforementioned Better Off Dead made a big impact in our childhood. She has given me TV dinners (I remember how much you liked the brownie in that one). I have given her a framed picture of Ricky (so she will always remember her trip to the United States). There have been threats to make aardvark coats but the gags don’t stop there. For years we traded a can of spam back and forth. She gave me Santa boxers one year. I gave them back the next year (unused).

What’s it going to be this year? Is there a gag? I can’t tell you. That’s my most favoritist part of Christmas Eve. Not knowing what I’m in for and watching my sister open gifts from Julie and me with a measure of reluctance. Good times.

My favorite Christmas movie isn’t really a Christmas movie but it inspired something of a tradition.

5 thoughts on “Every Christmas Eve…my Sister

  1. For years in my husbands family, it was a tie with little pigs all over it, and the letters “MCP” on each little pig – for Male Chauvinist Pig. One of the girls had given it to one of her brothers one year when they were all in their teens and twenties (there were six kids in his family) and the next year he gave it to one of his other brothers, and it passed around that way for years. Kind of like playing Old Maid. I don’t know where it is now…maybe I should check the back of hubby’s sock drawer :).

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, enjoy the feasting and the family time.

  2. Is this the, “I want my two dollars!!!” movie? I think it is. I quoted that for ages. Need to rewatch it for sure now that my memory is failing me. Merry Christmas!

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