Moving the Mob

I recently played with the logistics of an attempt to mob graze the entire state of Illinois and threw out big, meaningless numbers along the way. Let’s add a little meaning. These first two show some pretty big mobs. Watch the animals move. They just keep coming.

This one though…this one is ridiculous. I imagined grazing cattle through the state of Illinois. How about driving cattle from North Australia to South? Illinois is only 600 km long. These cattle went 1500 km.

And if you want more detail on moving 18,000 cows through Australia…well, here it is.


3 thoughts on “Moving the Mob

  1. I have read about the Gang Ranch the 2nd largest ranch in Canada located in central BC (SSF’s province) at one time controlling 4 million acres (including crown lands). In 1876 they drove 1,200 cattle from BC to market in San Francisco ~ 1,300 miles. That seemed amazing but the Australian one of 18,000 cattle moved 932 miles is incredible – Ralph Moody would have loved that!

  2. That book looks like it has lots of laughs and I reserved it from my Library. Remember this old Super Bowl commercial – it still cracks me up!

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