Calving Season is Over

We are finished calving in 35 days. That’s a tight window for some, a long window for others. I’m just glad it worked out so well. 5 healthy calves born without assistance.


111 calved early this morning. She’s the last one. In some ways, 111 is the best of the herd. She is short, fat, slicks out easily and has a good disposition. However, she has at least six teats and she calved about 3 weeks after the main part of the herd. Hopefully this little girl will strengthen the group.

We plan to use the same bull again this fall. He was sized correctly and has thrown small, vigorous calves. If I have my druthers I’ll use that same bull again next year too.

I have more grass than cattle and with corn futures low and drought in the west feeder cattle are going high. It’s a good time to be selling cattle. Not a good time to be buying. Sigh. Oh well. At least I have the calves I have and I can get a good price for the heifers that didn’t breed last year.


One thought on “Calving Season is Over

  1. I think you did great for your first year, starting with new unknown cows. Thirty-five day calving window (I still think 111 was missed as the early bird and that will tighten up), 5 healthy unassisted births, 3:2 heifers. You know your cow’s history now for the last yr and ended up with more culls than planned but as you point out the market is high so you will do alright! A pat on the back could be called for here!

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