How’s this for Glamour?

“Oh! To live as you do….on the farm, chickens, cows, a few apple trees! How wonderful for your children to eat all that fresh food!”

Awesome? Yes. Easy? No. Glamorous? LOL!

Remember, behind every beautiful cow is a tail covered in manure…smacking you on the back of the head as you milk.


There is a lot going on in that picture, many small tweaks that come from experience and even a few from a recent read of Farmer’s Progress. I’m holding the bucket between my knees to keep it up and clean and not stepped in. My left knee keeps the cow from kicking. My head presses into her side, looking toward the cow’s head. The only problem here (aside from the manure on the tail hitting the back of my head) is the small handles. She has thimbles!  I have to milk her with my thumb and two fingers. Ugh…takes For. Ever. This kind of milking will teach patience. Fortunately Julie does most of the milking! I think it’s time to break out the milker. …and to tie up the tail during milking.

So, yeah man. Move on out to the farm. Spend the day with the fragrance of eau de Bos. Vous serez tres chic! (You may even remember your high school French!)

2 thoughts on “How’s this for Glamour?

  1. LOL…I’m inside on my water break, itchy from all the bugs I’ve stirred up in the bush I’m hacking down. Sweat is still trickling down my back, and I’ve been inside 10 minutes. Definitely not glamorous (you should see the scratches on my arms) and definitely “eau de fermiere”. However, for you, all is not lost. For a mere $100+, you can obtain a men’s cologne that appeals to cows – maybe she’ll stop slapping you with that tail…

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