Rite of Passage

Nine and a half? Here are the keys.


May seem crazy to give a kid control of a 3/4 ton go-kart but that’s how it works out here. Everybody needs to be trained from a young age to act responsibly and pitch in where needed. Sometimes an extra driver is just what the doctor ordered. He can’t pick up a bale of hay but he can learn to navigate the hay field so I can do a little less walking.

He thought it was a pretty big deal.

We did too.

Just stay in the barnyard. You can’t go on the road for 7 more years.

5 thoughts on “Rite of Passage

    • He acted like it was no big deal.

      The big deal was when I gave the kids a house yesterday. They were shocked. 900 sq. ft. of their own place. No heat, no power, bad odors, needs to be torn down, they can’t sleep there but it’s all theirs. 25 in the basement? Heck no! 11 and got their own place. lol

  1. I too was nine when I was taught how to let the clutch out slow…I had to stand up to do it…

    Such a generous gift you’ve given your kids – an uninhabitable house, lol. How long before you’re missing pieces of lawn furniture and the occasional cup and spoon? We donated an unused loft when ours were around this age, and that’s what happened to us.

    • The oldest daughter was asking about the various flowers in the yard…iris, crocus, tulips, etc. To save me from having to cut all the saplings growing around the house in an effort to maintain the flowers I said it was all hers…not even thinking she would want to go in the house. Just the flowers….oh well. lol

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