Turtles Under Glass

My brother-in-law and I took my children and nephews for a walk around the pond edge. The ice was nearly 2″ thick everywhere but the group of us together caused some fractures so we stayed in the shallows. We were looking for turtles. We found turtles…and more.







The real value of the farm can’t be measured by the cattle we can raise. There is also the joy of taking a group of children around the edge of a frozen pond enjoying their squeals of delight and discovery.

Not only am I keeping this for them I am teaching them about it. Teaching them to enjoy it. This is stewardship.

3 thoughts on “Turtles Under Glass

  1. This stuff is awesome. Love that snapper. We never got that cold and the water didn’t freeze that clear. Probably the beaver’s fault. I blame most things on the beaver.

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