Today’s Wood Pile

I emptied the cemetery hill of dead standing trees and snags this year bringing down an elm, a couple of oaks, a walnut or two and a juniper tree. Ah, juniper. I limbed out the juniper and carried the pole home on my shoulder…didn’t cut it until today. Oh the smell!

JuniperIt splits well, burns quick and clean but doesn’t really get hot. Perfect for a mild fall day…when I’m feeling lazy…and just want to take a nap by the fire. There is not a lot of juniper on the farm. One tree is big enough to saw, the others are small and are routinely shredded by deer and cattle. This one is a treat. Isn’t it pretty?


7 thoughts on “Today’s Wood Pile

  1. We call that eastern Red-cedar in Indiana. Supposed to build your clothes cabinets out of it b/c moths wont go near it. It does smell good. And burns good too. Alternate host for cedar apple rust. We don’t keep too many on the farm. I like seeing them on big seed years with all the blue seeds. Turkeys are fond of them, bout the only evergreeen round here for cover. I could go on for days about trees. Funny you all call em Juniper. I love common names.

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