16 years later…

I met my wife in 1993, I was 16 at the time. I was a senior, starting out at a new high school.  As I walked up the stairs to register for classes a cute blonde girl walked past me on her way out.  I had to say something…couldn’t let her just walk past me!  “Uh…is this the way to the office?”  Quite the line, eh?  Man she was so hot!  That will be 20 years ago in August.

Today is our 16th wedding anniversary.  What do I know about her that I didn’t know 16 years ago?  Or 20 years ago?  In a sense we grew up together. It has been a wild ride so far; college, the first house, children, career changes, farm…exciting stuff!  Through it all we have stood together and kneeled together and, sometimes, cowered together in fear.  What will I know about her in another 16 years?  In another year?

For me it’s a journey and not a life sentence.  I hope she feels the same.  I love you, Julie.

6 thoughts on “16 years later…

  1. Congats! And what a wonderful blog. I stumbled upon your writings and I’ve found lots of info that will help us as we look to move to a farm.

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