Strawberry Picking

It’s time.  Strawberries are coming in full force.  And just because she’s not wearing a ring doesn’t mean you should go getting ideas.  It wears her out to carry that enormous rock around all day…lol.


Last year I planted strawberry plants with the Jeavon’s grid in a 20′ row, 4′ wide.  In the fall I had so many runners I planted the other 20′ of the row.  Both ends of the row are very, very productive this year.  Because the row is 4′ wide we can easily reach in 2′ from each side to pull the few weeds that come through or pick the berries.


Now, having extolled the virtues of 4′ rows, I’m not entirely sure I’ll do it again.  Weeding is a breeze, fertility is high, maintenance is low but I wonder if I wouldn’t get more berries if each plant got more sunlight.  I may plant two rows in a 4′ space when I plant runners in half of the next row (where the onions and cabbages currently are.


Pay no attention to the pale leaves on my blueberry plants.  I planted into part of grandpa’s rock collection and the soil is a little chalky.  I’ll get the acidity up in time.  Bear with me.

Mulberries are ripening, dewberries are just around the corner.  Broccoli and Cauliflower are finishing up and I need to plant beans in that row.  Maybe I could hire someone to go to my job for me…

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking

    • Ugh. You know, I lost track but I heard someone say we had 26 inches of rain in May. That puts us well above our yearly average in the last 6 weeks. I hear you on the sunny week thing. I have to get some hay cut…

      • Yeah, you guys down there had a whack of rain. We have just had a relentless and depressingly continuous drizzle/grey/misty/damp thing going on – it really helps anything planted to get a good start, but it wreaks havoc with pollination.
        Hay – mine is almost 5 ft high, when it rains this weekend, it will probably get knocked flat. Hay guy has had convoys of JDs going up and down the road all week getting hay cut, tedded, raked and baled all over the area. Guess ours is going to be in the next dry spell.

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