Snow Day

I can telecommute to work when the weather is poor.  That means there are no days off.  It snowed a lot today starting around noon.  It’s now 5 and we have something like 4-6″ out there.  It’s time to go sledding.  I ditched work at 4, sprinted through our chores and headed to the hill.  The kids caught up with me later.

Now, if you are at all familiar with the John Cusack movie “Better Off Dead” you’ll understand when I say that this hill is our K12, dude.  It starts by the big, overgrown octopus of a hedge tree (which is not long for the world).


Then we sled a greater-that-45-degree hill, ramping over cow paths and hoping not to hit any stumps.


And just as we reach top speed, the ground levels out for about 10 feet.  We have to stop immediately or we’ll meet our death in the hedge-tree-guarded creek bed.


The oldest daughter calls it “disemmemberment hill”.  Yes, that’s how they spell it.


The snow gave way to ice pellets and high winds.  Time to head inside and dry out.  I think semi-perilous adventures like sledding disemmemberment hill are important moments in my children’s lives.  By the way, no one was disemmembered today, though I did catch several ice pellets in the eye.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day

    • I’m pretty sure the kids are referencing Calvin’s Dismemberment Gorge. The oldest girl likes to add humor to everything she does. The extra syllable is, to her, hilarious. I think so too. Oh, and the oldest boy’s middle name is Calvin. Just so you know…we’re fans.

  1. We used to sled down a corn field, in patches the stalk stumps would poke up out of the snow, and the bottom of the slope was a big irrigation pond, which practically never froze over…I’d forgotten about till I was thinking about your story.

  2. That’s just funny that you beat the kids to the hill! Love their name for it. Our last home we had a VERY steep hill that I wouldn’t even let the kids go to the top of. The level at the bottom was about 50ft from the creek bank. If you didn’t get off in time you’d be in the creek. We never actually had anyone go in but some came close! Hmmm. It sounds like maybe you need some goggles!

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