Drill and Tap it’s Time for Sap

We had an inch of snow last night but daytime temps have been above freezing for at least a week now.  That means I’m late to the party.  Oh well.  Trees are tapped now.  And here I planned on tapping trees on Valentines day.  Silly me.



Let me know if you are tapping your trees this year.  Have you collected any sap yet?


5 thoughts on “Drill and Tap it’s Time for Sap

  1. We have maple trees, but no one taps them out here – I think we don’t get cold enough temps to do the right thing to the sap (you can tell I know a lot about the process). My husband knows how it’s done though – he’s from New Brunswick, and his brother sends us our years supply of maple syrup every Christmas. My kids have no idea who Aunt Jemima is.

    • We prefer to keep our maple sugar form but the tricky part is getting it to sugar without burning it to the pan. Along the way a mug of hot sap feels good going down.

      You need night time temps below freezing. Looks like you don’t get that very often. You should keep bees.

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