Processing Day 10/20/12

We will begin processing chickens as soon as we’re finished milking in the morning on 10/20.  If you are interested in seeing how we do this, show up any time after 9.  If you are coming to pick up fresh chicken, whole or cut up, show up any time after 11.  If you don’t come on butcher day the birds will be frozen.

The weather promises to be cold and breezy so we’ll work pretty fast to get done quickly.

Wish us luck.  These are the last birds of the season.  If you miss out, we have a few in inventory.  Otherwise we’ll see you in April or May.

Finally, if you want to come out but don’t know where the farm is, shoot an email to and I’ll help you find your way.

2 thoughts on “Processing Day 10/20/12

    • Things are going swimmingly. Took us 90 minutes to process 104 birds. Another hour to clean up and compost. We are eating an early lunch while the birds chill and we’ll cut and pack after lunch, finishing up just in time to go to church tonight. Hope the sermon is lively!

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