Too Much Vacation

I’m on vacation right now.  I’m not in Florida with my toes in the sand.  I’m neck-deep in work.  No time to read.  No time to write.  I just work.  It’s awesome.

I spent the last 3 days running my sawmill.  We cut and stacked 2,000 board feet of oak and walnut for a customer.


This morning I built fence, milked, fed, mucked, cleaned the kitchen, gardened and trimmed goat hooves.  It’s now 10:30.

Here’s a summary of other stuff happening around the place.  Our rabbits are multiplying.

The catfish are…well, catfishing it up.  The bell siphons were a bit tricky at first.  More on that some other time.

And I hauled another load of horse manure to the garden.  My garden is on a slight North-facing slope.  I may have to bury the Georgia wall to get it levelish.

Well, that’s all I can do for now.  We’re out of feed for the broilers and a bit low on groceries.  Gotta do something about that.  Come see us.  Stuff is changing.

8 thoughts on “Too Much Vacation

  1. The catfish thing looks interesting, looking forward to a post about that – I’m pretty sure you’ve never mentioned it.
    Do you have to bury the Georgia wall? I think you said when you built it that it wasn’t that level and it didn’t matter – and anyway, how did your daughter’s flower garden work out?
    You are certainly packing the fun into your vacation :). I get a mid week day off, and people always say things like, did you get a nice break? Did you have fun on your day off? Yup…well, sort of…I basically worked at my other job…which I really enjoy, so I yeah, I guess it was a nice fun break.
    Your broilers must be close to processing – bet your looking forward to a break from them.

    • We had some feed issues early on with this batch of broilers so they are a wide range of sizes out there. We’ll process them across two dates and will process the majority of our old laying flock. Dad wants some layers over at the barn so we’ll sacrifice the oldest birds to the raccoons.

      Flower garden was nice all summer. We kept cooking various flowers in the direct sun but the herbs we planted there did great. It will be a better flower bed next year as the wood beneath rots further.

      I’m just saying as we level the garden over time, the Georgia wall will be absorbed by the garden. I have to think about this right now because we are about to plant fruit trees along the North side of the garden, along the South face of the greenhouse and I have to plan their planting depth in light of the slope. This multi-year gardening stuff is hard.

  2. I’m surprised about the catfish too. Interesting. I’m going to an aquaculture field day at Virginia State next week and I’m so excited. We’ll also see the ins-and-outs of freshwater shrimp production. Yummers.

    Sounds like you’re busy and I’m sure that your wife is enjoying having an extra set of hands on the farm.

    • Post something all about shrimp production. When I studied it in college (a lifetime ago), the industry was heavily dependent on medication and feed sources were…um…questionable. Certainly not sustainable. In fact, I haven’t eaten shrimp since. Well. I’m weirder than I thought.

      Tell me it’s sustainable and I’m on board. In SE Asia in the 1990’s it wasn’t. In fact, it was quite disruptive of the local ecology.

      Catfish seemed like an appropriate choice. I can raise a few to play with aquaponics and toss a few in the farm pond too. I would rather have had trout. Have to keep myself from writing a blog posting here. More later.

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