Hard Working Children

I have to stop here for just a moment to say how proud I am of my children.  This is the third year we have been processing chickens.  The first year, my then 9 year old son stepped up to the plate and hit a home run.  He immediately learned to eviscerate.  Further, he started teaching adults who came to see what was going on.

Last year, 3 of my children decided they could help pick feathers but none of them really stuck with it.  This year, each of them stuck with it for every stinking bird.  The youngest said, “Dad, we just have to bite the bullet”.  Indeed.

We do not force our kids to participate.  It’s kinda gross and we are taking a life.  If they don’t want to participate we don’t push.  They are all out there voluntarily so we try to find fun things to do together.  For instance, when we kill the last bird we all stop to do the chicken dance.  Good times.

I’m so proud of my kids.


5 thoughts on “Hard Working Children

  1. I’m glad your kids are getting the recognition they deserve. Sticktoitniveness is one of the hardest things for kids, for anyone to learn as a habit. Sounds like your kids have it nailed. Nothing like a little parental modelling of course – maybe you and Julie should get a pat on the back too! Around here, the usual “way to go” reward is ice cream – you can borrow the idea if you like.

    • We make homemade ice cream most Sundays…well, custard. With duck eggs. And goat milk.

      Today was a special trip to the the St. Louis City Museum. All 6 of us crawled, squeezed and slid our way around that place. It was awesome…followed by milkshakes. My treat.

      Then we came home to do a full day’s work in about 4 hours…lol.

      • Homemade ice cream. Yum. Though I’ve never had it made from duck eggs and goat milk. Bet it’s good though.

        I love museums. We have a great one here – we used to have a family pass when the kids were much younger – many a rainy Sunday afternoon saw us rambling around there. We saw many many museums in Europe. I am done with Roman statues.

  2. Great post. You might remember that we’re hoping to make the move to our homestead in the next year and a half. We talk about it all of the time as a family but there’s still the gnawing thought in the back of my mind that they may hate it. BUT they may love it too. They’ll be 5 and 8 when the time comes and I know that kids are resilient.

    My son is not loving school…he says it’s boring and they do the same thing over and over. I know that he’d rather be homeschooled but then I worry about that too. Why didn’t anyone warn me that parenting is a total guilt trip?

    You should be proud of your kids…and yourselves that you all are living a life that is right for you. It inspires those of us on the “other” side.

    • Oh, just home school them. You do it anyway. They learn most everything from you and you sit doing homework. They’ll learn to read, math comes naturally and they’ll have a lot of other time to learn and appreciate other educational opportunities…like building enormous cranes with legos…er…geometry.

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