Rain at Midnight

Clouds rolled in at dusk.
It rained 1/10th at midnight.
Clean, Fresh.  I’m happy.


It rained at midnight.
That makes me a happy man.
My shoes are wet today.


Storms rolled through last night.
It gave the Earth a shower.
Everything smells fresh.


Giant hackberry fell
The barnlot, the house, the shed
branches cover all

6 thoughts on “Rain at Midnight

    • Nope. It’s a giant tree so large two people couldn’t put their arms around it. It towered over the barnyard. There was a rope in the tree when I was a kid and I could go to the top of the rope…maybe 1/3 of the way up the tree. I guess we’ll add it to the firewood pile. Sad, really. Besides, the weather is going to be below 90 this weekend and I have other projects I wanted to work on. Oh well.

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