Chicken Snack

This is a chicken snack…on a fork.  Cow pie a la mode…sans la mode…

It’s cow manure, aged to perfection (about 2 days old).  Cow manure has lots of interesting things in it for chickens to scratch out.  Normally, the chickens find cow manure each time I move them to new pasture but during the heat wave the birds are stuck in the front yard.  I’m bringing them cow manure.  It should also add fertility to the yard.  Not a bad thing.

Anyway, serve at room temperature and without a plate.  Chickens really make pigs of themselves.  No reason to wash dishes afterward.

One curious bird starts a trend.  Then the other ladies join in.

I don’t really know what they are finding but they are doing more than just digging.  Cow manure has many things that are helpful to a chicken’s digestion.  Now, don’t gross out.  Chickens aren’t people.  This is a very normal thing they are doing.  Birds follow herbivores in nature doing this very work.

Just a few minutes later and the cow pie is gone.

In the early spring when there are large flocks of red-winged black birds roosting in the trees…so many it’s hard to have a conversation outside, the cow pies get decimated.

They love it.  Our chickens love it.  The pasture benefits from it.  Everybody wins.

7 thoughts on “Chicken Snack

    • I couldn’t have gotten a picture of today’s cow pie. They destroyed it almost instantly. It’s fun having the flock next to the house. Shame we won’t have a front lawn anymore but…who cares. The chickens will survive the heat.

    • Thanks Rhonda. You said you are putting up 200 pounds of peaches. I would guess that to be about 4 bushels. Can you give me a quick rundown of the various ways you preserve it? We made some peach and dewberry jam that’s pretty good. Peach salsa and peach pie filling are in the works for today.

  1. Our chickens’ favorite drought treat is sweet corn on the cob (even after a human eats it off the cob). They go absolutely crazy, especially if you refrigerate it first!

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