Whoops! What is THAT?!?!?

Have you ever seen a pullet laying her first egg?  I would swear to you she’s embarrassed.  First she’s uncomfortable then she feels like something happened…something she couldn’t control.  She whips around to take a look at what just happened and sees what looks like a rock.  “Did I do that?”  She takes a quick look around at the rest of the flock to see who saw what just happened then takes a quick peck at the thing just to make sure it’s real.  If she breaks the shell she’ll probably just eat the egg.  If not, she’ll just run away hoping to avoid future social stigma.

Maybe it’s not that dramatic but I’ve seen it happen a few times.  Pullets are always surprised when they lay an egg.  It’s pretty funny.

These pullets arrived on Mar. 1st.  Today (July 14th) I found my first pullet egg from the new flock.

It was laying in an opened chicken tractor in the alfalfa.  Well, if there’s one there’s probably two.  Sure enough.

Two blue eggs.  I’ve never gotten blue eggs before brown.  I’m amazed.  In the past our Easter Eggers were always the last to lay.  Far out.  I need to get busy building nesting boxes…

2 thoughts on “Whoops! What is THAT?!?!?

  1. I never knew that about the blue eggs coming after the brown, cool. I personally think hens are surprised every day by their eggs, whether pullets or mature hens. The noise they set up when they’ve laid is of such shock and surprise every single day – I guess those teeny tiny brains can only hold so much information…

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