Quarts of Berries, Gallons of Lotion

We have been picking dewberries for days now.  They are not quite the same as raspberries.  Aunt Marion set me straight on which berry is which.  I keep a volunteer patch near the beach at the pond.  Apparently I keep poison ivy there too.  We are beginning to cultivate this volunteer stand…meaning I mowed through the middle of them last fall separating the brambles so we could really get in there.  This year I’ll mulch them and yank the poison ivy.  Pretty good picking for so little rain.

You know the best part of picking berries?  Eating them.  Most of our berries go to the freezer for later though.  We get about a quart a day which we promptly wash, spread on a cookie sheet and freeze.  Then we use a spatula to pry them up and pop them into a freezer bag and use them later for smoothies or forget them till spring and mix them 50/50 with strawberries in jam.  Maybe toss in a couple of mulberries too.  Mmmmm.

So, trying to put a positive spin on everything, you know the best part of poison ivy?  Hot water.  It feels great.  Soon the poison ivy will clear up and we’ll be left to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

3 thoughts on “Quarts of Berries, Gallons of Lotion

  1. The dewberries were Russell’s dad’s favorite. He picked them every summer. We have a few plants along the fence row around our back yard. Our raspberries are past done. They were early this year. We can bring you a few starts of the raspberries, if you like. They are early and not too sweet. Bright red. Very pretty and tasty, too. 🙂

    I’m not allergic to poison ivy. Russell also is not allergic, thankfully. I read that only 15% of the population does not have an allergic reaction to poison ivy, which I found interesting.

    Each year, we do poison ivy patrol of our gardens and the tiny woods behind the house, getting rid of all we can find. The birds do a great job of replanting, though.

    I’m making strawberry jam and sweet refrigerator pickles this week. Does your dear wife make pickles? Give her and the littles hugs from me.


  2. I read you can build up immunity to poison ivy unless you’re one of the people who reacts anaphylactically to it…we don’t have it on the Island…but they do back East, and I have run into it before. How do you get rid of it?

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