Coming soon…?

We are playing with the idea of a regular video blog entry.  We can use this to answer direct questions from readers or just to address questions we are regularly asked…or just to have fun.

So.  Here we are having fun.  It’s a little weird for us too.

Let us know if there is anything you would like to see.  Nothing is off-limits, even for remote viewers.  So do us a favor.  Ask us something in the comment section.

7 thoughts on “Coming soon…?

  1. Hilarious…that is obviously hard to do with a straight face! Can’t wait to see more! Our church is near the airport, and one of the bigger planes heading for Toronto always used to take off at 9:10, the service starts at 9. It would never fail that whoever had the first reading would just have to pause and wait till the plane had gone past overhead…you waiting for the cars kinda reminded me. I’m glad to say the Toronto flight goes earlier now.

    • My experiences with that airport have been…entertaining…as well.

      I bet we made an hour’s worth of video and don’t plan to use any of it. Worse, I can pop out a blog post in no time at all but the video requires a ton of editing. I guess we’ll get better at it but ….sheesh.

  2. That was fun! 😀 Keep trying. Videos make a blog more personal, more real for your readers. I am sure they will enjoy and benefit from knowledge you can share via video. I look forward to seeing them. ~~Rhonda

    • Cue cards would be funny. I can only imagine what my children would write on them. One child is a HUGE fan of the Marx brothers and is very witty. I think that’s going to have to happen.

      I kind of mumbled there but cars kept going past so I said, “Cue the car”. Normally it’s a quiet road. Somebody opened a gate when I turned the camera on.

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