Sweet Pea’s Twins

Sweet Pea had her kids today.   The darker one is male, the lighter is female…the opposite coloration Olive gave us.  No names until later.  Don’t want to become attached and get bad news.  You know, we have fought and fought to keep sick animals alive and it almost always ends in tears.  Last year it was a goat we named Shivers.  Poor Shivers.  I made her a sweater then buried her in it.  Nope.  No names yet.

I came home from work and my breathless son ran up to the house to tell me what was going on.  “Sweet Pea is having kids!  There’s a big problem!  The back feet are coming out first!”  Then he was off.

It was a problem.  She labored a long time with the darker one coming out breech.  Wife assisted with both as Sweet Pea was tuckered out when the second came around.

“Dad!  The second one came out!  There was a weird bag then the bag popped and we saw a head!”

What did your kids learn in school today?

8 thoughts on “Sweet Pea’s Twins

    • They really are cute. I’m so glad both goats kidded so close together. It will make management so much easier. Now I have to find a buck for the other two.

        • As you move toward grazing you might prefer Greg Judy’s approach of just making a goat-proof perimiter fence and letting them have full run of the farm. They’ll clean up what your cows won’t and require little of their owners. That way you can get the full dose of cute without the bother of daily milking.

  1. The phone rang. “Hello.”
    “Where’s Grampa.” A little voice asked.
    Right here”
    Grampa talked and hung up.
    “Sweetpee is having her kids.” he told me.
    The phone rang. “Hello.”
    Different little voice says, “We need Grampa.”
    Grampa goes.
    The phone rang.
    “Where’s Dad.” Head Farm Steward asked.
    “He’s at your house.”
    “Oh, I see him.”
    A little later he comes into the house. “Sweetpee had the prettiest little dark kid. Mrs. Farm Steward had to help.”
    Things can get exciting around here even on a hot summer evening.

  2. How old is your son if you don’t mind me asking? It is great that he knows the position an animal is being born in. Not many adults know that let alone kids. Farms are great places for kids, you should be proud.

    • That one is 7. He didn’t understand exactly what was wrong but he knew something was up.

      Our kids have a good handle on the A-Z of vertebrate reproduction. They aren’t afraid to ask questions because there is no peer group to mock their ignorance. For example, this conversation really happened.

      Child: Mom, is there a hole in mommies that babies come out of?
      Mom: Yes.
      C: Can I see it?
      M: No, that’s a personal thing.

      Can you imagine that conversation happening in public school? At best the other kids would laugh hysterically, shutting down future questioning. Here, on the farm, the question is answered and we move on. Everything is a learning opportunity.

      I am very proud of my kids. They all work very hard, are athletic, healthy, highly intelligent and polite. Further, they have their mother’s good looks.

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