Clabbered Milk

We buy full cream, raw pastured cow milk from a friend nearby.  In our opinion, he does everything right.  The Jerseys are on fresh grass daily, their coats are slick, the cows are fat and the milk is yummy.  Do yourself a favor, find a farmer who will sell you raw milk, watch him work and beg to be allowed to buy his milk.  Best thing you can do.

Anyway, we had a rare cold a week ago and didn’t get through all of our milk.  Now, you need to realize that each jar of milk is alive.  You could see each jar as a city, alive with a variety of living, breathing, eating things.  This is why you need to personally inspect your personal dairy farmer to verify that he keeps the bad stuff out of the city.  After 7 days in the fridge the milk sours.  I mean sours.  I think it’s great but the wife won’t touch it.

One jar was in the fridge for 9 days, 3″ of cream on the top.  The wife set it on the counter.  I took off the lid and replaced it with a cloth knowing the magic was about to happen.  The magic happened on the counter top overnight.  The milk started to curdle and change into clabber, it rose up out of the jar pushing the cloth up in a bubble.  This morning I spooned out the cream portion to feed to the pigs.  Here is what’s left in the jar.  It’s like cottage cheese.  Not much else to say.

If your food doesn’t rot, decay, age or spoil you shouldn’t be eating it.  It can’t be good for you to eat something that no other organism wants to eat.  What is Cool Whip anyway?  In many places, Coca-Cola is legal while raw milk is not.  Draw your own conclusions.

Store-bought milk is only mostly dead…and mostly dead is partly alive.  But what does pasteurized, homogenized, irradiated skim milk turn into?  Is it still useful after it changes?  Can you really digest it anyway?  Find yourself a farmer.

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