Out to Pasture

Last year the goats hatched an escape plan around March 20th.  This year we headed them off by opening the grazing season early.

There are a number of weeds growing right now and the girls are eating them up.  Well, everything but the thistle.  I guess when there is fresh, soft and tender you don’t mess with the fresh, course and thorny.

This is the same plot that had 3 pigs rooting on it last July.  The pigs above really gave the pasture a workout then we let it rest and recover.  You can see the weedy mess that is our pasture.  We’re working on it.  The goats are helping.

The cows are still on stockpiled grass while I’m waiting for the grass to really take off.  I plan to put the cows in with the goats and rotate them together.  We’ll see what really happens.

One thought on “Out to Pasture

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