In the beginning…

In the beginning we were totally clueless living in suburbia.  It was bad.  We brought in the chickens 2 by 2, male and female.  There was much rejoicing in the home but it was totally illegal.  So we sold the house, bought the family farm and moved home.

Time passes….thousands of chickens …erm…pass…

Several years later we feel we are ready to really get started.  We have built a small business raising and selling pastured broilers (meat birds), pastured turkeys and pastured hogs.  We also have goats for home milk production and a couple of jersey heifers.

We have reached the point where we either have to start telling customers “No” or we have to grow.  300 broiler chicks arrive in two weeks.  200 layer chicks arrive in three weeks.  You can see what we have decided to do.

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